Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Simple, Natural Earache Remedy--Garlic Oil!

It's that wonderful time of the year again--ear infection season! Both my niece and nephew have recently been treated for ear infections, and I noticed Henry tugging on one ear today, but he doesn't seem to be distressed and shows no signs of fever, so we'll just wait and see. However, I figured it's probably a good time to whip up some garlic oil to have on hand, just in case.

As I have mentioned before, garlic truly is a wonderful natural cure-all! Not only is there evidence that it supports cardiovascular function, but it is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties as well, making it a must-have during cold and flu season. We use it a lot during this season, eating it in various soups and pastas, taking it as part of my cold and flu tonic, or using it to treat ear infection. Here is the recipe for garlic oil:

Garlic Earache Oil

2 cloves garlic, crushed well

1/2 c. olive oil

Heat the olive oil until very warm; add garlic and remove from heat. Let sit, about 1 hour; strain garlic. Pour cooled oil into a glass bottle or jar until needed.

To use: Drop about 3-4 drops of oil into affected ear; lay down and relax on opposite side, about 10 minutes. Plug the ear with cotton ball to prevent drainage.

Note: It can be extremely dificult to get a baby or toddler to lie down for 10 minutes! I usually just apply the oil directly behind the ear, as it will seep in through the skin. This is just a little extra insurance, as the oil I actually get in the ear usually comes right back out before I even get the cotton ball in!


  1. I only wish I had known about garlic oil before I had tubes put in my son's ears twice. It just makes me sick when I think about it. I discovered garlic-mullein oil and he's never had an ear infection again. I've only had to use it a couple of times on my daughter, but it has worked every time. So glad you are helping to spread the word about this wonderful oil!

  2. I wish I would have known about this oil when my oldest son was an infant/toddler. He had several bouts of ear infection, one even making a small rupture in his eardrum. This stuff really works for us!

  3. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It's definitely going in my herbal remedies bookmarks folder.

    Is this garlic oil okay to take internally or is it only topical?

  4. It's ok both internally and topically. You can add a bit of honey if you don't like the strong taste.

  5. Thanks for answering Alexis. I appreciate it. I definitely think honey would improve the taste. Good to know that I can add it.

  6. Hi saw a comment you left on Passionate homemaking where you mentioned you live in Indiana. I live in Southern IN and I love coming across like-minded moms. Did you mention a mops group?