Friday, October 2, 2009

Dangerous Truths Behind Vaccinations

I just wanted to share this nine-part mini-series about some of the dangers behind common childhood vaccinations. I found this series on Youtube today, and it's very interesting. It's about one hour in length. I feel that no matter what your stand is on the whole vaccination issue, it's good to be informed! I myself am not in favor of vaccinations, as my oldest son was vaccine damaged as an infant. Henry hasn't recieved any vaccines and I plan to do the same with the new baby. Here is the link to the mini-series:

It's broken up into nine parts, so you have to click on each part to start a new one. They are numbered, making it easy to follow.

More Resources:

The Doctor Sears website--a wealth of information about the risks involved with childhood immunizations. You can also find his book, The Vaccine Book, here.

Vaccinations: Deceptions and Tragedy by Michael Dye--informative, well-written book discussing dangers of vaccination. I found this book at

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