Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Our Family is Doing to Celebrate the GIVING in Thanksgiving

I LOVE Thanksgiving. I love the food, the fellowship with family, the anticipation of the approaching Christmas season and I love the opportunity to express thanks and gratitude for all the blessings my family and I have recieved over the year.

Thanksgiving is definitely a time for expressing thanks, but this year it has become clear to me that there are two words that make up this holiday's name: Thanks and Giving! So, as a family, we have decided to put a bit more focus on the giving part of the holiday this year.

Currently, we are putting together a very large box of food for the local food panty. This box just keeps growing and growing! It really saddens me that many people don't have a Thanksgiving meal each year because they just can not afford it. I hope that in some way we can contribute to a needy family's being able to enjoy a warm holiday dinner! I am also searching for a local organization or church that may be serving a free Thanksgiving meal to those in need. My hope is that we could, as a family, spend part of our day serving to those who are less fortunate than us. Of course, I am making plans loosely, as I am due to give birth on the 28th!

We are also keeping a journal of both our thanks and our giving an using it in our devotional time.

What are your Thanksgiving plans this year? How are you keeping this holiday intentional?

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  1. Our whole family, in-laws, out-laws, ex-laws get together and have a gigantic potluck at a Grange Hall. After the meal we sit around and play games. Some of us bring instruments and we jam. It is really fun. Sometimes I wish we could be a little more intentional in the "Thanks" and "Giving" department. I'll have to think of some good ways to do that at home with my kids. Your ideas are great.