Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preparing for Labor/Delivery--Naturally! Part 2

For this go-round of my Preparing for Labor/Delivery--Naturally! mini-series, I would like to introduce you to a wonder product by the name of Dr. Christopher's Pre-Natal 6 Week Formula.

During the first two trimesters of pregnancy, I use Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins. I like that they use natural ingreedients, contain red raspberry leaf and have added ginger to help with nausea. I find them much more gentle than any other prenatal I've used. However, I do not think that using a prenatal should take the place of good nutrition. I try to get the bulk of my vitamins/minerals through high-quality, whole foods. During the last six weeks of pregnancy, I switch from Rainbow Light to Dr. Christopher's Pre-Natal. These are not a prenatal vitamin, but rather a proprietary blend of herbs designed to promote optimum uterine function and prepare the uterus and cervix for delivery. It is important to note that since this is not a regular prenatal that it is important to eat well to ensure you are getting the proper vitamins/minerals that your still-growing baby needs!

Here is a list of the herbs that Dr. Christopher's contains:


Blessed Thistle

Black Cohosh


False Unicorn Root

Red Raspberry Leaf

Marshmallow Root


Used in conjunction, these herbs are said to have a powerfull effect on the uterus' and the cervix's ability to work together as a team to aid in a more productive (possibly faster!) and less painful delivery. Who wouldn't want that?:)

The recommended schedule for this product is to begin taking one capsule daily for the first week of the last six weeks of pregnancy, then two capsules daily for the second week, finishing with two capsules three times daily for each week hereafter. I personally take one capsule daily the first week, two daily the second week and four capsules daily for the rest. (Six just seems like an awful lot to me!)

I have never seen this product in a conventional pharmacy, nor at my health food store. I have seen it in various natural pharmacies on-line, and even on The best deals I've found have been at and

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