Friday, November 6, 2009

Teething Problems Solved!

Last week, I wrote a post imploring my readers to send me their suggestions on helping a fussy teether. I came to the conclusion that the only thing that could relieve my little guy's pain was infant Tylenol, which I am not opposed to using when necessary, but it was CONSTANT!

Yesterday, while slicing apples for an apple pie, Henry began to fuss for a snack. Well, I plopped him down in his highchair and put a slice of apple into his Munchkin mesh feeder, hoping he would munch on that while I finished the pie. Well, munch he did! I noticed that the cold apple slice was doing more than quelling his hunger, but was soothing his gums! He was much less fussy and we actually had a pretty pleasent evening. When he started to fuss again in the early evening, I put a cold slice of pear in the feeder, and it worked again! I had previously tried using frozen grapes in the mesh feeder to help with teething pain, but he didn't like it too well...maybe he just doesn't like grapes!

Our particular mesh feeder is made by Munchkin. We bought it at Babies 'R Us for about $4.00, and I think it was definitely a good little investment! I have also seen this product at Wal-Mart and Target. It's also good for letting babies new to solids get a taste of fruits and veggies that would otherwise pose a choking hazzard to them. I like to give Henry slices of tangerine or orange, as he would not be able to handle that white membrane or the seeds.

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