Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hello, and welcome to my new blog, Happy 2 B A Homekeeper! I pray that this blog will bless you in many ways. I plan on covering such topics as homekeeping, children, marriage, biblical womanhood and much more. I look forward to any suggestions for blog topics that may be of interest to you as readers, so let me know.

I guess this would be the best time to tell you a bit about name is Alexis, and my family consists of my wonderful hubby Henry, my sons Brett, 4 1/2, and Henry, 8 months. We will be blessed with the arrival of another boy in early December. I love the Lord, and have devoted my life to serving His kingdom, starting first at home with my family. I am getting ready to start with ministry outside of the home as I co-chair a new MOPS (mothers of preshoolers) group at out home church. My family and I feel that missions are really important, and this is going to be something we really begin to focus on as a family. I also love to read, and as you may imagine, I don't get alot of reading done with a baby! I also love to cook and travel, even if it's just to the nearest city! I take my job as a homekeeper seriously and consider it a blessing! I can't wait to start talking with other like-minded ladies. Alexis

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  1. I find that I read way more when I had babies! I used to keep a book beside my nursing chair and read while I nursed. I hardly ever have time to read anymore. :(