Friday, August 28, 2009

Date Nights!

What better a way to bless your husband (and yourself!) than by planning regular date nights? This is a great opportunity to nurture your #1 human relationship and to communicate without interuption with the man you love! Maybe you've had one of those days at home--you burned the childrens' lunch, broke your favorite piece of tableware and listened to your baby scream at the top of his lungs for 2 hours straight (teething). Think about how blessed and relaxed it will feel to spend a couple of hours away with the man you love so much (and who probably had an equaly taxing day)!
How to Make it a Priority...
Schedule in regular date nights on your calendar, just like you would a doctor's appointment! Right now, my husband and I are having 2 date nights a month, every other Monday. I've already made babysitting arrangements with my parents, and they are thrilled to be spending time with their grandchildren, so they are being blessed too! If you schedule your date nights in, you will have not only no excuses to cancel but also something to look forward to. Be very cautious about what you would cancel your date night for...remember, this is a worthwhile investment in your marriage! Stick to it!
If you are like most wives, including me, you may be tempted to worry about the cost of date night...please, remember it's an INVESTMENT! Relax and enjoy your hubby's company! So what if he wants to order the steak, a glass of wine AND dessert? Plan date night into your budget, and if you spend a bit more than you like, try to go a little more frugal the next time!
Some Ideas...
Date night doesn't have to be fancy or expensive...there are plenty of things to do on a shoestring budget. Here are some ideas:
Candelight Dinner--cook up one of your hubby's favorite meals and enjoy together in the romantic glow of candelight--go all out and use your special china or serve drinks in wineglasses.
Community Attractions--consider all of the free or low-cost attractions and events available in your community. Does your town have a zoo, museum or water park? Is there a seasonal festival or fair? Date night doesn't always have to be at night!
Go on a Picnic--relax and enjoy a healthy meal by a waterfront or in a beautiful park
Any other ideas for date night? Let me know what works for you!

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